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Do Vampires Really Exist?

From the movie Dracula (1931)

Vampires are wicked mythical beings who roam around during night time in search of people for their bloody thirst. They may be the best-known vintage monsters of all time. In pop culture, vampires are linked with the legendary mythological creature Count Dracula. These creatures became famous through films, comics, and book. And they are even popular amongst the new generation.

Even though the fiercest vampire admirers recognize them as a fictional character, there were times when people had real fear about them. There are many distinct aspects of vampires as there have been many distinct vampires’ legends. Vampires usually hunt during the night time. Because sunlight weakens their powers. It’s been said that vampires have certain super-strength abilities, turn into a bat, and hypnotism. Many theories state that they cast no shadows and they cannot see their image in the mirror.

Vampire myths started back in the middle ages when the plague started to wipe out some cities. Plague is a deadly bacterial infection. The bacteria are usually found in animals and can spread through humans by a bite of an animal or through fleas. Plague often leaves behind a bleeding mouth wound. For any ill-informed and uneducated people, it is definitely a sign of vampirism.

It was very common for the plague victims to be buried and unearthed in order to add more bodies into the graves. Those unearthed bodies sometimes used to have blood-like fluids under their noses and mouths. This led them to believe that the bodies must be actual vampires who were hunting for their prey under their graves, through their hypnotic abilities or by some sort of magic.

Middle Age Vampires

Image Source: Guyana Chronicle

According to some reports back in 2007, it’s been reported in Guyana, a country in South America, that an elderly woman was executed by a group of civilians called Old Higue. She was suspected of being an evil spirit who drinks the blood of babies. In the local culture, a Higue can change its form into an old lady and sneaks into the houses through a keyhole.

There is another story about Mercy Brown from Exeter, Rhode Island. Dated back in 1892, the 19-year-old girl died of tuberculosis. A rumor started spreading around the town that she has been sighted roaming around. She had a mother, a brother, and a sister. The mother and sister were already dead and her brother was also sick. The neighbors got worried about him, as they started to think that his recent dead sister, Mercy Brown, is harming him from the grave with some magic or hypnotic activities.

Image Source: Historic Mysteries

When they unearthed Mercy Brown’s grave, they found blood-like fluid under her nose and mouth. They had considered it to be blood from another person and they took it as a sign of vampirism. They took her heart, burned it to ashes and mixed with a potion, which was a very common anti-vampire remedy back in the days for Mercy’s brother to drink. This medicine made was supposed to heal him but he died after several months.

Modern Age Vampires

Twilight (2008), Image Source: Empire

There are also some communities that still exist in modern times who consider themselves vampires. They don’t publicize themselves as vampires because of fear of inequality, racism, unfairness, and discrimination from the people who don’t understand them. Some of these communities are said to exist from the 1970s. They practice sanguinarian which means a human who feeds on blood either of a human or an animal.

Vampires of modern times are thought to be peaceful creatures. They feed on small amounts of blood by a willing donor to sustain their health and energy. And for some, they feed on the psychic energy of others, transferred through the mind or simply by touching hands. They also sustain diet on fruits, fish, meat, and vegetables.

Sanguinarian vampires exist around the world. They are very social who like to be around people. They often describe themselves as atheists, monotheists, or polytheists. They do get married, have children and do all the normal kinds of stuff like other people. They also perform blood-letting rituals safely with wiling donors only. And they regularly go for their medical examinations, if they ever hardly indicate any complications in their feeding practice.

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